Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not dead but napping.

Just a quick update tonight, as I spent most of the day either sleeping or watching Life on Mars (the UK version, naturally) with the wife. Finally got to the end of Series 1...

Anyways, here's a mock-up of what Green Platoon's Gun No.2 is going to look like. I say No.2 because No.1 Gun has the squad NCO and I haven't figured out what that one's going to look like yet.
The loader is not dead, he's napping. He'll have his hands under his head and his helmet tipped over his face, while the gunner is, uh, displaying his opinion of such behaviour through the language of gestures.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green/Command, let me show you it.

Whee, Green/Command is done. I'm quite pleased with how the tartan on the pipes turned out, but of course the flash washed it out and made it look all pastel-y. Sigh.

Now I'm moving on Green Platoon's Heavy Weapons squad. I decided a short time ago that between the artillery and bajillions of lasguns, I have plenty of anti-infantry firepower, but nothing to hurt high-toughness baddies or transports at range and thus needed to switch the heavy weapons squads to have Autocannons instead of Heavy Bolters. Not wanting to rip apart the existing squad or make new ones, I've tried to come up with a conversion to the heavy bolter body that still looks like an autocannon. I think it works, but I'd love some opinions. It means I'll lose the awesome Vickers MG look, but I'll just have to live with that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alles klar, redux

Two updates in one night. I'm on a roll. Well, it's more of a scone, maybe a bun.

First few coats on the three remaining members of Green/Command.

It figures that the pics of what I was pretty pleased about came out not so good. I finished Green Platoon's Commissar, and did some more work on Red Platoon's. To whit, I tried highlighting them both with Fortress Grey followed by a slathering of Badab Black. I think it turned out quite well, even if the pictures didn't.

Green Platoon Commissar with and without flash.

The backside of 'em both.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A'sealing we shall go

Finished the two Sergeants and the two members of Green/Command.


I may have mentioned it earlier, but the pick thing the guy on the right is holding is, I have decided, a 41st millennium version of the hakapik, a tool used in seal hunting. Just an extra tidbit of Canadian in the army...

In addition to the rest of Green Platoon, I've started working on a model for the Boot Camp's "Fix Bayonets!" competition, but I can't show pictures yet. Not that it'll be hard to guess which model is mine...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Green/Command progress

Ahoy, bit of an update this afternoon. First few coats of paint on the two missing Infantry Sergeants and two members of Green/Command.


The last Infantry Squad

At least, the last one until it's not.

Green/D is done! All that's left now is Green/Command, which is next on the desk, then heavy weapons squad. Huzzah!

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