Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally, pictures!

Finally! An update. Here's Green/B finished and a WIP Green/C.


You can see the beginnings of Green/Command in the background, though the JO and Commissar got cut off.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Yukoni Slang

I know, it's not pictures, but I wanted to compile a list of Yukoni slang terms and other vernacular for my own reference.

  • Hat (also shiny hat, big hat, fancy hat): An officer, used by non-commissioned members. "Look sharp, the hat's coming."
  • Black Hat: A commissar, used as above. "Don't turn your back on a black hat."
  • Little hat: Diminutive of "hat". Used for new or inexperienced junior officers, imply a level of derision or disrespect. "The little hat is going to get us all killed."
  • Old man: Commanding officer. "The old man knows what he's doing."
  • Chief: See "old man".
  • Spike: bayonet "Get your spikes on!"
  • Rollers: Tanks, armoured fighting vehicles. "The rollers will take out that bunker."
  • Sit 'n shoots: Support weapons and their crews. "The sit-'n'-shoots will cover our advance."
  • Screamers: Multiple missile launchers (local manufacture Thudd Guns) "We'll advance behind a roller screamer barrage."
  • DFA: Death From Above, artillery and artillery barrages. "Enemy DFA has been hammering our positions."
  • Hogs: Tank drivers.
  • Smokers: Artillery crewmen
  • Brew: Root-based beer commonly issued to the ranks
  • Heel and toe parade: Cross-country march. "We'll make a heel and toe parade to waypoint alpha tonight."
  • The Rain: Drop Troopers. "The Rain have been cutting enemy supply lines."
  • Heavies: Storm Troopers, and similarly-equipped Heavy Infantry.
  • Scooters: Mounted infantry
  • FISH, fishing: Fighting In Someone's Hab, urban fighting. "Spikes on, lads, we're going fishing."
  • Mud patrol: Trench warfare
  • PBI: Poor bloody infantry
  • Mercies: Medical corpsmen. "You'll be fine, we're leaving you to the Mercies."
  • Indigs: The native Yukoni tribesmen.
  • Sneaks: Racist term for scouts and snipers of Indig descent.
  • Cabotines: Pre-Praetorian settlers of the Yukoni worlds; a ethnically and linguistically distinct sub-population.
  • Carrots: Racist term for Cabotines.
  • Yucks: Racist term for Yukoni of Praetorian descent, used by Cabotines.
  • Reds, serges: Dress uniforms.
  • Ponies: Derogatory infantryman's term for cavalry. "We do the work, ponies get the glory."
  • Muds: Derogatory cavalryman's term for infantry. "Tell the muds to clear the path so we can win this war."
  • Plate: Standard-issue Yukoni helmet. "Get your plate on, soldier!"
  • Homestead: Death, dying, the grave. "He's back to the homestead."
  • The Outside: Everywhere that isn't within the Yukoni Dominion. "I've been outside for twelve years now."
  • Outsider: A non-Yukoni. "He's not so bad for an Outsider."
  • Shirts: Navy, naval officers.
  • Rats: Naval ratings.
  • Scopes: snipers
  • Creeps: Yukoni special forces, especially the Special Mountain Corps.
  • Mud bath: Trench raid, or more generally to any offensive maneuver in trench warfare. "We're getting a mud bath tonight."

I'll probably add more as I think of them...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's funny because it's true

Okay, so this isn't about 40k or anything (that's tonight), but I had to share this. A friend of mine is an artist, and she's started doing comics about, well, me and the insane things I have been known to do and say. I think they're hilarious, so I'm sharing.

Viva Los Vega This one is based on a comment I made while we were watching Repo! The Genetic Opera (which I highly recommend) about Alexa Vega.

Dinner in the Wastes A pretty accurate portrayal of me in Fallout 3.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 your favourite colour? Blue! No, yelloooooooooooow....

Well, I went for green over yellow, but the joke still sort of works.

I finished the first squad of Green Platoon just now. They were originally going to be Blue Platoon, but one look at them with those colours and all I could think was "American!" Not that I'm being bigoted, I just don't want my faithful infantry to look like, well, not Canadian...

Anyways, here's the pictures:


And here's a group shot of all the completed infantry thus far:

Scoring Units. I'm doing it right.

Here's the next squad on the block, Green/B, with their dynamic-tastic Sergeant.


Also, just on a whim, I made another Drop Trooper. I'm really liking the idea of fielding a few of these guys as Last Chancer. Just a couple of solo or paired models with big guns doing damage, infiltrating to get side armour shots, Outflaking with meltaguns... And if they get whacked, no big deal. My opponent just spent at least one unit's entire shooting round (or more, if I'm smart about cover) to kill twenty or fifty points.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Sculpting tools taste like metal...

...which about explains my method for keeping my sculpting tools from sticking to the GS. And no, I didn't do that when I was still using a scalpel.

I did things! Come and see.

First up, the first five Rough Riders are ready for paint. Huzzah!

The group:

And an angle showing off the newer three:

Muskie has been whining at me through at least four different means of communication to try and get a game, because he has apparently gotten tired of not losing horribly. Thus, I made up a 1250 point army list that I think I can complete with what I have at hand and in a relatively short time frame.

With that in mind, here is the first squad in Blue Platoon. The front five are done save their bedrolls, and the rear five are bitz box rescues who need their guns and bedrolls.

Internet points if you can spot the origin of the Sergeant's arm.

Speaking of bitz box diving, here's a brace of tanks I'm restoring. The Basilisk was "painted", though I am hesitant to dignify it with that term, and was festooned with Orky glyphs and trophies. Those have come off, leaving the tank itself in better condition than I was expecting. I like the look of it without the gun shield, so I may leave it off.

The Leman Russ isn't really a restoration, I guess. It's been in there for literally years, missing only a hull mount and some paint. I'm missing the proper bits for the mount, as you can no doubt discern, so I have to think of a way to disguise it. I'm thinking sandbags...

Here's a WIP and slightly blurry Highlander. He'll be the second of the Ladies from the Warp.

The Drop Trooper, with headgear and hand. I'm pretty pleased with the hand, given that it was my first attempt ever.

And for something completely different...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There's always more city

The city expands. I think I've got enough for a full board now, with a variety of sized terrain pieces, from craters to woods to buildings. I think I'd like to make some proper trenches, now that I think I've figured out how, and maybe some more craters. Then I'll move on to do some special pieces, like that cathedral or an [i]Enemy at the Gates[/i] fountain.

First up, the woods. The trees on these are from a craft store Christmas village collection. My mother-in-law saw them for cheap post-Christmas and gave them to me. They're about exactly the right scale, so I just glued them to some templates for area terrain. I figure every city has some green space.

All the bunkers, including the one I just made.

All the barricades:

The craters:

One of the three new buildings. I decided to make this one a little more damaged, like it's taken direct artillery fire or something.

The second building, mate to the previous one.

And the third building, mate to the large one in the last post.

Now that I think about it, the fountain is totally going to be next. I'll save the trenches until I'm going to play a game that needs 'em.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Horses, Orphans, and Loonies Who Jump From Planes

Updates! They're not quite the updates I wanted them to be, as I appear to have lost my GS. As in, it's somewhere on my desk and I don't know where. Unfortunately, things being underneath other things is my personal kryptonite.

Anyways, here's the new cavalry, bringing the total up to five. Due to aforementioned lack of greenstuff, I haven't done their reins, carbine cases or bedrolls, but they're worth posting pics of anyways.


And a group shot:


And because I keep yapping about them, here's the newest War Orphans.


And finally, an in-progress Yukoni Drop Trooper. This guy was made on a whim, because I had parts for only a single dude left. I have no idea how I'll use them, if I make a full squad, but I used the incredibly cliched pose (I've seen it a lot, especially with Blood Pact, strangely) because I want to try my hand at sculpting a, uh, a hand. He carries an autogun instead of the usual Rosch lasrifle because I figure that you can't really properly flash-suppress a laser gun and a bunch on lunatics who insist on jumping out of perfectly good airplanes would need a gun that isn't guaranteed to give them away.


The lack of GS pretty much stymies everything I was going to do tonight, so maybe I'll build some terrain. I need a couple more buildings, and I think I've figured out how to make craters.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Red Platoon, reporting for duty!

Huzzah! I finally finished Red Platoon, including their attached Commissar. Thirty-six soldiers, four Troops choice. Oi.

Here's Red/Command:

I'm kind of ambivalent about the Commissar, honestly. I can't highlight grey to save my life, and my attempts just looked terrible, so I left the coat flat black. The rest of the guys I'm pretty pleased with, though, especially the dude with the tomahawk. The blond and red hair turned out a little cartoony, but I'll live.

And the full platoon:


Saturday, January 3, 2009


Astronomi-con registration is now open. Go register, assuming you're lucky enough to live in Canada. And you can get to one of the lucky cities. Seriously, do it. Astronomi-con is without a doubt the best tournament I've ever been to, and one of the best times I've ever had playing 40k. Good people, awesome scenarios, and exceedingly well-run.

I took the Sons of Dagda there last year and had a blast, though I did end up with the lowest Sportsmanship score of the whole lot! I choose to believe that it's because everyone else was so awesome. ;) This year I plan to take the Yukoni and friends.

The Astro main web page.
And their forums.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Other Armies

'Hoy 'hoy. I thought I'd throw up some pictures of the other armies that are kicking around. Or at least some samples thereof...

The Sons of Dagda:


The Thousand Swords:


The Iron Hands:


Happy New Year!

Felicitations and all, everyone. I hope you all have a hobby-licious year.

Now, back to the Doctor!
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