Friday, February 6, 2009

We're gonna need a bigger case...

Reading Bell of Lost Souls' latest Codex: Imperial Guard rumours has confirmed something I've been suspecting for a while: I'm going to need a lot more infantry. Possibly almost double what I'm currently planning for since the rumours suggest Infantry Squads are going down in price by about 40%. The only things I know will be remaining the same cost are the Forge World choices I'm planning on using (Medusa emplacements and Thudd Guns). Hopefully the reduced point cost will mean I can include at least one squadron of Rough Riders in my 1500 point list!

- Command Squad Boxes will include all the special weapons in plastic (1 of each), 3 different officer heads, several different close combat weapons (Swords, Fists etc), various embellishments, 2 suits of officer armor, one more practical one more dressy, and 4 Cadians with a few new/special heads.

Given this rumour, I think I'm going to hold off on making my HQ squad until the new plastic Command Squad box comes out so I can make use of all those bits...

- Commissars still exist in a capacity different to what they do now. They are allowed to attach to certain squads. However once a Commissar Lord is taken they have more freedom and there can be more of them. They are also cheaper(almost half of what they are now).

This will reduce my used points even further! I doubt I'll be using the Commissar Lord, but I do intend on having at least one Commissar per Infantry Platoon.

- IG Sniper Squads, in addition to getting infiltrate, stealth, rangefinders, and sniper rifles will also get camo cloaks.

If this is true, I will most definitely be trying to fit one of these in. Snipers and scouts were very prevalent on the Western Front, and the Canadians who excelled in these roles (especially the First Nations snipers and scouts) helped cement the Canadian Corps' reputation as frontiersmen.

- Support Squads are different now and are platoon attachments not command squad attachments.

Again, I hope this is true, and if it is I'll be making use of it!

- Platoon Drill will require a vox network.

I'm kind of on the fence about this one. I don't currently have voxes in my army, nor do I think that they really fit with the theme. I may have to find a cunning "counts as" way around this, or just live without Platoon Drill.

- Cadian Rough Riders will be in the 1.5 wave.

Sadly, this will be too late to be of any help for my Astronomi-con army but depending on how they look could be very useful for future additions to my cavalry force.

- New Catachan plastics will have scaled down arms.

That'll probably be good for my Highlanders, but I really think that it's not that Catachan arms are too big, but that their legs are too small...

- Ogryns will be T5, 4+ save, and FNP for the same price they are now.

I was already intending to have Ogryns, so hot diggedy!

Picture updates tonight, as I should be finishing Green/C and hopefully have enough down on Green Platoon's Commissar to show him off (finally).


  1. to be honest I think vox-networks could be on of those things thats not so WYSIWYG. if you need them in your army just pay the points and make sure you tell your opponent. their vox-casters could be implanted in their ear or what-not..

  2. I read these and sent them to Rob. He ran Imperial Guard, well at every Astro he went to. He had the Armored Company last time, but he keeps threatening to do a maxed Roughrider army. He's already got three squads of ten I think.

    I don't know what the fuss is, even their charge isn't that great. The Plaguemarines always take it then massacre them. I routed Rough Riders once with a tank shocking rhino!

    Anything a rhino can kill ain't so tough.

    I used to carry the Diseased Sons around in a shotgun case. It held well over 100 models. I never filled it up. It couldn't hold rhinos, or dreads, or anything not on the 25mm or smaller base. I still have it, but I prefer two small cases to one big one.

  3. zealot~ That's a good point, but in this I'm kind of limited by the WWI theme so I don't know if microbead voxes would really fit...

    Muskie~ I was hoping they'd have a Rough Rider HQ that allowed taking RRs as Troops. Charge of the Light Brigade!

    As for the fuss over them, like many things in the (current) Guard codex it's as much about the cool factor as it is about battlefield performance. I mean, guys on horseback with explosive lances in the middle of a gothic sci-fi battlefield? That's cool.


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