Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not dead but napping.

Just a quick update tonight, as I spent most of the day either sleeping or watching Life on Mars (the UK version, naturally) with the wife. Finally got to the end of Series 1...

Anyways, here's a mock-up of what Green Platoon's Gun No.2 is going to look like. I say No.2 because No.1 Gun has the squad NCO and I haven't figured out what that one's going to look like yet.
The loader is not dead, he's napping. He'll have his hands under his head and his helmet tipped over his face, while the gunner is, uh, displaying his opinion of such behaviour through the language of gestures.


  1. Still napping?

    I've painted stuff. Pictures in the usual places. Trumpeter's Salute is next weekend, but I think it is sold out, 1700 points one day affair run by Lee.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Still napping?

    I've been working on some Fresh Recruits. You better show this year!

  3. Love all the little conversions you have done to each model they really do look awsome, once I have finished my blood angels I will be back on my Imperial guard army. taking more than a bit of insperation from yours.


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