Friday, February 13, 2009

Dakka dakka dakka

An update! Okay, it's not much of one, but I haven't had much time at the desk recently.

I present Red Platoon's Heavy Bolter Section:

Wheee. The middle one is going to get basing over top of the sprue to try and make it look like they've dug themselves a shallow gun pit.


  1. Hi !!
    One Question: Can i have your admission to call my colonial support forces (some cadian conversions) to named as
    2nd Bataillon - 22the Yukoni Regiment ??

    It would be a great honor to me !
    Greetings !!
    Lord Gordon

    PS: Some pics on my blog ;-)

  2. Thank you for your admission !
    Have a nice day in Canada !
    Good night ;-)

  3. You've fallen off. Doc (Jason Dyer) is kicking both our asses. He's moved to Blogger.

  4. Where's the beef?

    I'm going to have to visit your workplace to see if you're still among the living.

    Don't you know autocannons are mo' betta than heavy bolters?


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