Friday, December 18, 2009

Running out of post title ideas...

Didn't get any work done yesterday, as we had the office Christmas party. I realized about halfway through the night that I was drinking with the guy who made Hot Coffee, as well as one of the guys who invented GTA. I love my job.

Anyways, here's tonight's efforts, finished the fatigues and pouches, etc on the second half of Green/C.

I also did some work on Green Platoon's piper a day or two ago, but forgot to post the pic. I'm not as happy with how these ones are turning out for some reason, even if I am building them better...

I was also doing some thinking about counts-as Yukoni versions of all the Special Characters. Straken is in my 2000 points list as Major Michael Brown, as is Marbo who I'm thinking of basing on "Mad Jack" Churchill. I'm thinking his background might be a high-born Praetorian adventurer who couldn't take the starchy discipline of the Praetorian regiments, got adopted by a Yukoni Highlander regiment and eventually became one of the founders of the Yukoni special recon division, or something to that effect.

Creed and Kell were easy: Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, a personal hero of mine, and John MacDonnel.

Pask I have no idea about. I guess I need to do some research into accomplished Canadian tank commanders...

Bastonne will, I think, become Captain Brian McMourn (virtual cookie if you can guess the origin of that one), last scion of a Riatan (I've decided that the Yukoni Highlanders' world is called Van Riatan's World, and is home to Byzantine politicking between all the various houses over trade, etc) who is seeking to regain his family's honour on the battlefield.

Harker, Yarrick and Chenkov don't really interest me in terms of their rules, so I may not bother with them. Al'Rahem looks like he could be fun, and I've been considering inventing a Riatan/Highlander character for him, as there aren't any historical Canadian figures that spring to mind. Mogul Kamir I'm on the fence about, as his rules don't really seem, to me, to fit with the Canadian cavalry in WWI.


  1. You might want to try movie quotations.

    "There are two types of people, those with loaded guns and those who dig, you dig."

    You're supposed to refer IT types my way as we're trying to offset the loss of Workspace down in Gastown.

    I haven't been painting but I did bump into Paul Lee and Warren Franklin at the DigiBC Christmas party, they both kinda remembered me. I helped both of them travel to Korea and brought Korean business and tech leaders to see them at my previous job. Now I'm lumped in with all the bloggers who are chomping at the bit for the Olympics. I think I'll borrow some link love and double my page rank.

    We gotta get together in the New Year, you're due another whoppin' :-D

  2. Ha! That'll be the day. The Iron Hands are waiting, and you haven't yet faced the Captain I built a while back. His relic blade'll make your Plague Marines cry crusty, crusty tears. ;)

  3. Didn't you hear I switched to Tau? Only kidding, I do plan on painting undivided and rebel guard troops in 2010, but my main goal for next year is a new modular gaming table to debut at Astro Van. I also want to try some historical and skirmish rulesets out that I've been acquiring.

  4. Which rulesets? I was in Strategies a day or two ago, and those Celt/German/Roman plastics they've got look kind of tempting.

    Also, plastic Warjacks next month. Aw yeah.


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