Sunday, January 11, 2009

There's always more city

The city expands. I think I've got enough for a full board now, with a variety of sized terrain pieces, from craters to woods to buildings. I think I'd like to make some proper trenches, now that I think I've figured out how, and maybe some more craters. Then I'll move on to do some special pieces, like that cathedral or an [i]Enemy at the Gates[/i] fountain.

First up, the woods. The trees on these are from a craft store Christmas village collection. My mother-in-law saw them for cheap post-Christmas and gave them to me. They're about exactly the right scale, so I just glued them to some templates for area terrain. I figure every city has some green space.

All the bunkers, including the one I just made.

All the barricades:

The craters:

One of the three new buildings. I decided to make this one a little more damaged, like it's taken direct artillery fire or something.

The second building, mate to the previous one.

And the third building, mate to the large one in the last post.

Now that I think about it, the fountain is totally going to be next. I'll save the trenches until I'm going to play a game that needs 'em.


  1. Wow you're knocking out the terrain. pretty soon you'll have a little canada in your game room. Goon work.

  2. Dude weren't you supposed to play me at Strategies yesterday?

    I had to crush some beginner Tau player instead.

  3. Sweet!

    You've a lot to paint, and so quickly! (Looks like someone could do with an airbrush - or some cheap spray cans!)

    I particularly like the bunker firing slits - so simple...

    My wife made a nice fountain for me, if you'd liek a peek - I need to do a feature on it next time I dig it out:

    You do yourself proud, mate.

    - Drax.

  4. Matt~ Thanks!

    Muskie~ I was going to, but my folks were over from Nanaimo over the weekend, and we were hanging out on Granville Island.

    Drax~ It'll be spray cans eventually. I've been playing Fallout 3 again, and it's given me lots of good ideas for how to detail and rubble-ify my terrain, so painting will have to wait on that.

  5. I like your canadien men !
    They are very good paint job and looks great.

    Greetings from germany and the Praetorian Order !

  6. Thank you. :) I like your Praetorians. Your blog makes me wish I spoke German...

  7. Oh...I know this. I´m working about some translations, but i need some time, and i haven´t anyone ;-)

    Hail Praetoria, Hail Australis, Hail Yukoni !


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