Monday, September 7, 2009

The Yukoni return...with pics

Finally, back in khaki. Although I don't have any heads yet, they'll arrive next week, I did some more work on the HB section, two meltagunners for my Platoon Cmd squads and the bare beginnings of a piper for Red Platoon Command.

Tonight's efforts:

No. 1 Gun, with the sarge pointing out targets for the gunner. I don't know if I did any work on these guys, beyond assembling their lasguns.


No. 2 Gun. The gunner fends off some nearby enemies while the wounded loader struggles to get the gun back in action.


And No. 3 Gun. The loader takes a breather after entrenching them, probably filling sandbags, while the gunner blazes away.


And the other three. The guy on the left will be a piper, once I sort out how and what arms to use, while the other two are, obviously, meltagunners.


None of them have packs or bedrolls yet, so that's left to be done, but I think that's a task for tomorrow, given how long it always takes.


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