Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What...is your favourite colour? Blue! No, yelloooooooooooow....

Well, I went for green over yellow, but the joke still sort of works.

I finished the first squad of Green Platoon just now. They were originally going to be Blue Platoon, but one look at them with those colours and all I could think was "American!" Not that I'm being bigoted, I just don't want my faithful infantry to look like, well, not Canadian...

Anyways, here's the pictures:


And here's a group shot of all the completed infantry thus far:

Scoring Units. I'm doing it right.

Here's the next squad on the block, Green/B, with their dynamic-tastic Sergeant.


Also, just on a whim, I made another Drop Trooper. I'm really liking the idea of fielding a few of these guys as Last Chancer. Just a couple of solo or paired models with big guns doing damage, infiltrating to get side armour shots, Outflaking with meltaguns... And if they get whacked, no big deal. My opponent just spent at least one unit's entire shooting round (or more, if I'm smart about cover) to kill twenty or fifty points.



  1. What you got against the ole red white and blue huh..huh..HUH!!!!
    Anyway The squads look great.How about a close up of the sgt. I guess hes a sgt with the mechanical arm ??? I cant really tell. He looks cool just wanted to see him up close. They really loog great.

  2. Wow these guys look great! Nice work

  3. Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really you have a incredible infantry.

  4. Cool, I love the colours of your army.

  5. Thanks, guys! Hopefully soon I'll have something to show that's a little more interesting than Guardsmen. :)

    Matt~Nothing! I just don't want my guys to be taken for something they're not. :) Yes, the Sergeant has a bionic arm. It's taken from the Catachan character Iron Hand Straken.

  6. You've turned into a machine. I haven't put a single spot of paint on a mini in over a month. I did build my new paint racks, though I need still more as I have so many pots of paint.

    I'm good at buying stuff now that I have a steady job...

    You'll have to come over and see everything when I get it done, I have two more display cases too, I'm letting miniatures take over my apartment...

  7. I know! It's kind of amazing. I'm aiming to have completed Green Platoon by the end of the month, so if I achieve that I'll have painted seventy (70!!!) in two months.

    I think the difference is a combination of having the Foundation Paints and Washes, along with finally finding any army that suits me really well. All the things I tried to do and use with Marines and struggled with just work with the Guard. Hordes of infantry? Check. Fast and dirty painting? Check. Plenty of fluff freedom? Check. Kilts and bagpipes? Check.

  8. Bloody good work !
    Where is your junior officer ?
    My LtCol is no junior officer, he is one of the Adjudants of the Commander in Chief in the general staff...



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