Friday, January 30, 2009

Yukoni Slang

I know, it's not pictures, but I wanted to compile a list of Yukoni slang terms and other vernacular for my own reference.

  • Hat (also shiny hat, big hat, fancy hat): An officer, used by non-commissioned members. "Look sharp, the hat's coming."
  • Black Hat: A commissar, used as above. "Don't turn your back on a black hat."
  • Little hat: Diminutive of "hat". Used for new or inexperienced junior officers, imply a level of derision or disrespect. "The little hat is going to get us all killed."
  • Old man: Commanding officer. "The old man knows what he's doing."
  • Chief: See "old man".
  • Spike: bayonet "Get your spikes on!"
  • Rollers: Tanks, armoured fighting vehicles. "The rollers will take out that bunker."
  • Sit 'n shoots: Support weapons and their crews. "The sit-'n'-shoots will cover our advance."
  • Screamers: Multiple missile launchers (local manufacture Thudd Guns) "We'll advance behind a roller screamer barrage."
  • DFA: Death From Above, artillery and artillery barrages. "Enemy DFA has been hammering our positions."
  • Hogs: Tank drivers.
  • Smokers: Artillery crewmen
  • Brew: Root-based beer commonly issued to the ranks
  • Heel and toe parade: Cross-country march. "We'll make a heel and toe parade to waypoint alpha tonight."
  • The Rain: Drop Troopers. "The Rain have been cutting enemy supply lines."
  • Heavies: Storm Troopers, and similarly-equipped Heavy Infantry.
  • Scooters: Mounted infantry
  • FISH, fishing: Fighting In Someone's Hab, urban fighting. "Spikes on, lads, we're going fishing."
  • Mud patrol: Trench warfare
  • PBI: Poor bloody infantry
  • Mercies: Medical corpsmen. "You'll be fine, we're leaving you to the Mercies."
  • Indigs: The native Yukoni tribesmen.
  • Sneaks: Racist term for scouts and snipers of Indig descent.
  • Cabotines: Pre-Praetorian settlers of the Yukoni worlds; a ethnically and linguistically distinct sub-population.
  • Carrots: Racist term for Cabotines.
  • Yucks: Racist term for Yukoni of Praetorian descent, used by Cabotines.
  • Reds, serges: Dress uniforms.
  • Ponies: Derogatory infantryman's term for cavalry. "We do the work, ponies get the glory."
  • Muds: Derogatory cavalryman's term for infantry. "Tell the muds to clear the path so we can win this war."
  • Plate: Standard-issue Yukoni helmet. "Get your plate on, soldier!"
  • Homestead: Death, dying, the grave. "He's back to the homestead."
  • The Outside: Everywhere that isn't within the Yukoni Dominion. "I've been outside for twelve years now."
  • Outsider: A non-Yukoni. "He's not so bad for an Outsider."
  • Shirts: Navy, naval officers.
  • Rats: Naval ratings.
  • Scopes: snipers
  • Creeps: Yukoni special forces, especially the Special Mountain Corps.
  • Mud bath: Trench raid, or more generally to any offensive maneuver in trench warfare. "We're getting a mud bath tonight."

I'll probably add more as I think of them...


  1. Do you have a life? The Ikea delivery guys commented on my "Warhammer" stuff in the living room. Said I was the second one that week.

    I so need to paint and build terrain...

    This weekend is my friends birthday, UFC, and Superbowl, plus the Chinatown parade and I have a dentist appointment...

  2. I do! I just had ten minutes to kill while code was building.

  3. Malcolm that's awesome.

    Muskie your friend wouldn't happen to be the Mark attending the Art Institute would he?

  4. I don't have any friend's who go to the Art Institute that I know of...

    This was a long time ago and now it made the Tuesday's Top Ten. I'm not sure how things make that list. Malcolm is way behind in his Astro armies, so am I a bit, but at least I show up.


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