Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iron Hands Captain

Despite the sabbatical from power armour I'm on, the campaign I'm playing in at my FLGS is being graced by my Iron Hands since the Yukoni aren't ready for prime time yet (though reinforcements are incoming, I swear). After going 1-2 last time, I decided my Iron Hands needed some new leadership. Thus, this jet-packing, relic-blading Captain. I thought I'd grab some pics before I ruined him with paint.

The jet pack and servo-skulls are magnetized, with the servo-skulls acting as his wound counter. Here's a shot of the components, though the torso will be glued to the legs after painting.


  1. Is this at Darren's? There is some sort of one day tournament coming up being run by the WCP guys, it costs 25 bucks I believe.

  2. You probably want to check this out too:

    I tried to tell you about it in the Astro forum.

    Oh and I should be getting Imperial Armour 7 today if UPS isn't a pack of lying dogs.

  3. Nice magnetization work - it opens the door for plenty of characterful options!

  4. Muskie, yeah it's at Darren's. It's the new Planetary Empires campaign rules. You should come down and play this weekend. It's 1250 points base, but you get modifiers for having no or fewer territories. I was playing my games at 1400 points last weekend.

    Also, that display base is MADNESS.

    jabberjabber~Thanks! If and when I make him a Command Squad, which I'll have to do if I ever actually succeed in building a Battle Company, he'll get a normal backpack. I contemplated magnetizing the torso and legs so I could put him on a bike, but the pose and cape wouldn't fit, sadly.

  5. Hey dude, that could come out really well. Where did you get the arms from, they look very different. I hope it comes out well for ya.

  6. Thanks! I hope it comes out well, too. I got the legs and most of the torso painted today, but the cape was an epic failure. I tried to do white with a light Asurmen Blue wash, but it looks like utter feces, so I suspect he'll be getting a green or red cape instead. I still have hopes for the Greek Geometric-period-style edging, though.

    As for the arms, they're almost entirely scratchbuilt, with only the hands being stock. The rest is made of guitar wire and plastirod. I don't know the sizes off-hand, but I can find out if you're interested.


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