Thursday, December 18, 2008

I need that to grasp!

I'd love to be showing off the latest round of pics of the Yukoni. I really would. Red/C is almost totally built, and I'm quite pleased with the Sergeant especially.

Also, I built a Highlander, for no readily apparent reason beyond having a compulsion to put kilts on things.

So yeah, I should be having pictures to show, but instead the batteries are powering an extra XBox controller for the wife and her BFF to play Left 4 Dead (I can hear the screams and moans of dying (re-dying?) zombies as I type this) so the camera is as dead as those zombies should be.

To make it worse, I can't keep working on said models until such time as I can take pictures because I slipped while cutting up a lasgun in preparation for drilling and GS'ing and drove the point of my Exacto knife in the meat at the tip of my thumb. It hurt. And bled. A lot. So now my left grasping digit can't have any pressure put on it and everything that needs doing requires exactly that. Curse you, Salazar!

In other news, I think I've got the plans down for how I'm going to represent the Medusa Siege Guns and the Thudd Guns. For the Thudds, I'm going to make Nebelwerfers with plasticard and Ork Zzap Gun carriages. The Medusas are going to be WWI British Mk5 8" howitzer made by HLBS Figures. I was originally going to use their "Big Bertha" German Krupp 420mm howitzer, but after looking at pictures of both and comparing them against Forge World photos of the Medusa, I think that the Bertha is better for a Bombard.

My other news is all literary... I bought Only in Death and read it in an afternoon. Excellent book, but I kind of wish the Ghosts would go back to proper stand-up fights. Abnett does the bizarre stuff really well, but it sometimes gets in the way of good old fashioned soldiering when there's spectres and giant ambulatory spinal columns wandering about. I also got four Canadian military history books, the first of which I'm to read is "Brave Battalion" by Mark Zuehlke. It's about the history of the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) through the whole of the Great War. It's probably what prompted me into making a kilt-wearing, tam o'shanter-topped, lascarbine-weilding Yukoni Highlander. I might replace Green Platoon with a Highlander Platoon, just for fun.

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  1. Get a well thumb soon. I did that recently and the digit was useless for about a week! Always cutting away from the body with a sharp blade is all well said but rarely practised when I am engrossed in getting a fiddily bit done perfectly. Still, frees the missus up to carry on killing zombies while you mend!


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