Tuesday, December 9, 2008


...I has them.

Here's the first half of Red/C, pre-paint.


Now, to respond to some comments I've had on previous entries:

jabberjabber, Wolf Lord Bill and RonSaikowski: Thanks, guys! I'm hoping I can keep the pace up, as I'm aiming to have the whole platoon (ie, Red/C and Red/Command) done by the beginning of January. That'll be a big chunk of the army right there!

GamersWorld: Thanks for the tip, but as far as I know, Simple Green isn't available in Canada, or at least not anywhere I've seen around Vancouver. D: My wife tells me acetone nail polish remover is cheap, though, so I may give that a go. Assuming it doesn't damage plastic. Which I'm not sure about...

sovietspace: An old GW trick, indeed. Plus, it's easier to get away with when you're detailing Guard. Space Marines are a lot cheesier if they all just happen to be like some ancient culture. ;)

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